At the age of 26, while sitting at dinner with Katie and friends, Neridah discovered a lump in her neck. After multiple doctor’s appointments and endless scans, Neridah was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She spent the next year battling through fertility treatments, surgeries, chemotherapy, and cold capping in order to keep her hair. She was proudly declared cancer free in December 2019.
One year later, Katie discovered a lump in her breast while showering. Having the BRCA gene in her family, Katie was always hyper aware of the risk and worked to find ways to help women with the same dreaded gene. Prior to her own diagnosis, Katie had been training for the New York Marathon, where she intended to raise money for breast cancer research. She was shortly thereafter diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. After her own yearlong battle, Katie was declared cancer free but continues to undergo treatment in Los Angeles where she lives.
Throughout their darker days, Neridah and Katie each missed feeling like their true selves. Battling any cancer treatment will strip anyone to their core. Clothing that once made them feel confident and comfortable no longer felt the same. In their pursuit of feeling reconnected with themselves and comfortable in their skin, they wore and styled their pajamas with everything. Over time, Neridah and Katie realized that nothing felt elevated enough to wear out to their favorite restaurants or work obligations.
That’s when Doze was born: clothing suitable to wear to the doctor’s office or a day at the beach. From the fabric to the patterns and prints, these pieces were created to make them (and ultimately their community) feel good—even when life made them feel anything but that. 
Live comfortably. Live well. Live in Doze.